Privacy policy

In order to protect the privacy and personal information of customers who used ASMR NAVI, we stipulate the following policies concerning protection of personal information, establish internal organization, implement and maintain policies, and continuously improve them I will.

Definition of personal information within this site

Personal information on this site is information on an individual, and it means an e-mail address included in that information or an ID and password given to each individual.Also, although it can not be identified by this information alone, it can easily be compared with other information, thereby enabling identification of a specific individual.

About collecting personal information

Collection of personal information by this site is based on your voluntary provision to the end, and if you provide personal information, you are permitted to use the personal information in accordance with this privacy policy I assume you did.

Purpose of using personal information

This site will use your personal information at the time of acquiring the member ID and referring to the registration information.We will use your registered e-mail address and personal information for the following purposes.
・In order to inform you about information on this site and ASMR, as well as special services and projects
・Inquiries for members to provide services
・Request usage fee for members using paid services
・To conduct questionnaires, log analysis, etc.
・Campaign prize and packing / shipping business of products etc.
・Notification of matters necessary for the operation of this site
・In addition, when we judge that urgent message to the user is necessary we will contact you

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We will not disclose personal information registered to third part unless we have your consent.However, in cases where it is necessary to disclose under the law or if it can reasonably be determined that it is necessary to protect and defend the rights and property of the site and customers, security, etc., disclose personal information there is.

Management and protection of personal information

This site strictly manages and protects your personal information.Also, in order to protect from loss, destruction, unauthorized leakage to the site, tampering, unauthorized access, we will establish internal regulations, take reasonable safety measures, and we will deal promptly when problems arise.In the following cases, personal information of users may be disclosed to third parties.
・When we receive consent from members about information disclosure
・In cases where it is necessary to share and disclose information to a business alliance party who has concluded a confidentiality obligation contract for the purpose of maintaining and managing the site system
・In cases where it is necessary for information sharing and disclosure to a business alliance party who has concluded a confidentiality obligation contract to entrust shipping of prizes
・In case of receiving formal inquiries based on laws and regulations from public institutions such as police and courts
・In addition, when there is a serious and urgent need for members, our company, third parties

Access log

In this site, the information of the accessed person is recorded in the form of an access log.The access log includes the domain name and IP address of the person who accessed, the type of browser you are using, the date and time of access, but it does not contain any personally identifiable information.Access logs are used for statistical processing related to the management and usage of this site, but they are not used for other purposes.

Inquiry, correction, deletion of personal information

For inquiries concerning customer's personal information, correction in case of error, and deletion, please request by the following inquiries

Change of privacy policy

The privacy policy posted on this site may be subject to change based on changes in service content etc.In that case, the latest privacy policy will always be posted on this site.We are not responsible for any troubles caused by not being confirmed, so please understand.


ASMR NAVI(以下「本サイト」といいます)をご利用になったお客様のプライバシー・個人情報の保護の為、個人情報の保護に関する方針を以下の通り定め、社内体制の構築、施策の実施・維持、それらの継続的な改善に努めます。










当サイトは、お客様の個人情報を厳重に管理、保護いたします。 また、紛失、破壊、当サイトへの不当な流出、改ざん、不正アクセスから保護するために、社内規定を整備し、合理的な安全対策を講じ、万一問題が発生した時には速やかに対処いたします。なお以下の場合には、利用者の個人情報を第三者に開示することがあります。